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Children in the digital technology environmentDzieci w Cyfrowym Świecie


Today’s kids are the first generation to grow up and develop in the environment of digital technologies. For preschool children, a tablet, laptop, mobile phone or a digital camera are one of many objects, not more exceptional or modern than a TV or a CD player at all. It is because the children have known them “since forever” as those objects have been a part of their

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Little Explorer in Kindergarten

Little Explorer in Kindergarten!
Our brand new game. 
Soon in AppStore and Google Play!

Every year countless children and parents go through the challenges of starting preschool. It’s an important stage in life and filled with emotions. Children of preschool age get their knowledge of social roles mainly through playing and Little Explorer is an invitation to play at kindergarten. Step by step the game introduces children to kindergarten life and its daily routine. Parents can journey into the preschool world with

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We had lots of fun and learned all about preschool along the way. My Max liked preschool physical education so much, I'm wondering if he'll take to the real thing this well.

- Simon

Using an app to prepare for kindergarten is such a great idea. The kids can role-play new situations before meeting them in real life. We really liked the happy colors and Pete.

- Victoria

Monica spends hours with Little Explorer. I think it's helped us to conquer her fear of kindergarten and she can't wait for the real thing.

- Bert