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Why should a child be prepared for kindergarten as soon as possible?Dlaczego warto przygotowywać dziecko do rozpoczęcia przedszkola, tak szybko , jak to możliwe?


Pre-school education is a new, completely unknown stage in the life of our child. The time before starting kindergarten, namely the whole life of our little one, is usually spent at home with family. This is the only life our child knows so far, which makes it important to prepare them early for this new stage, so much different from what the infant is familiar with. The

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Why is first time in kindergarten such an important experience? How to cope?Dlaczego rozpoczęcie przedszkola jest takim wielkim przeżyciem? Jak sobie z tym radzić?


First time in kindergarten is a big deal, both for children and their parents. We are naturally anxious for our little ones and for their experience. Added to this is a flood of tears and a tight grip on mummy’s leg when parting, which does not facilitate the situation. In order to understand children, it is important to know what influences and triggers their emotions on the

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Little Explorer in Kindergarten with a Christmas surprise

Little Explorers Christmas

Especially for holidays, we have prepared for you a new edition of the Little Explorer in Kindergarten app including Christmas coloring. Now your kindergarteners can learn colors and play while staying in Christmas mood. You can also download the holiday coloring books from our website and print them.  Developing manual skills and manual dexterity is very important, and working with crayons is a great preparation before learning

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What do chocolate cookies teach us?


Children develop social competence in kindergarten. They learn how to function into group and collaborate with others. But before a little one gets there, you can teach him or her collaboration  and teamwork by involving him or her in common realization of ordinary housework. Forthcoming Christmas is a great opportunity to bake homemade cookies with our children. Today we present you a proven recipe for Pete’s grandma’s

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We had lots of fun and learned all about preschool along the way. My Max liked preschool physical education so much, I'm wondering if he'll take to the real thing this well.

- Simon

Using an app to prepare for kindergarten is such a great idea. The kids can role-play new situations before meeting them in real life. We really liked the happy colors and Pete.

- Victoria

Monica spends hours with Little Explorer. I think it's helped us to conquer her fear of kindergarten and she can't wait for the real thing.

- Bert